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    Last update:29-Jan-04

    Welcome to the
    Relief Competency Standards website !!

    Responding to emergencies and disasters is one of the essential functions of World Vision International. Whether these are caused by extremes of climate, disease or war, it is clear that the number of emergencies across the world is increasing.


    To meet the need to increase the capacity of relief workers in nations around the globe, World Vision International has developed the Humanitarian Relief Training Package which is the focal point of this website.

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    As of March 18, 2003 this Training Package has been endorsed by the National Training Quality Council of Australia.

    The Council is established by the Australian Government to monitor and advise on quality assurance processes in the national vocation education and training (VET) system. The Council will ensure Australia's VET system provides quality, industry relevant training and qualifications recognition.

    © 2003 World Vision International
    The units with codes beginning with BSB, FNB, PUA
    and BSZ have been reproduced with permission of
    Australian National Training Authority. Inquiries about
    the use of any material in this website should be directed
    through the Asia Pacific Disaster Management Office.